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Roosters Player Probe Video- With Daine and Tom


Name: Daine Cowburn (left)daine and tom photo
Nickname: Didge
Playing number: 9
Years with the club: 9
Playing position: Wing
Which AFL team you follow: Swans
Favourite sports person:  Roger Federer
Pre game routine: a thousand cramp tablets
What’s you goal this season: stop cramping and to be more like Macca
Greatest footy moment: our first grand final win over Warners Bay by a point on the hooter. Courtesy of Josh Childs.
Words of advice: Do what they do in China. When it rains let it rain.

Name: Tom Gerard (right)
Nickname: Tommy
Playing number: 5
Years with the club: 1st year
Playing position: half back flank, half forward flank.
Which AFL team you follow: Swans
Favourite sports person:  Bo Jackson
Pre game routine: tend to my bonsai tree. Followed by 3 straight hours starring at my photo of Andrew Scott and listening to the Jungle Books, “I wanna be like you”
What’s you goal this season: bring home the flag
Greatest footy moment: 2013 grand final (from previous club)
Words of advice: Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.


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