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Players Probe Video With Roser and Taz

Roosters Player ProbeWith Roser and Taz

Posted by Richard Wilkes on Monday, July 11, 2016

Name: Mark Roser (left) roser and taz photo
Nickname: No one from this club actually knows it (Carcus). So you can use Rosa…..Old Man…..someone did call me “Pop” the other day
Playing number: #19.  I gave Daine my #9
Playing position: Wing
Years with the club: On and off for 10 years
Which team do you follow in the AFL? Swannies
Favourite player/ sports person growing up: Johnny Platten (I think I have had about the same number of concussions as him)
Pre-match routine: Going for a Bushwalk
What’s your goal this season? To play better footy then Taz.
Greatest footy moment: Playing with all you young guys.
Words of advice: There is always someone younger, someone with more hunger…..don’t let them take the fight out of you!


Name: Vahid Roser (right)
Nickname: TAZ
Playing number: 23
Playing position: On the field
Years with the club: about 5
Which team do you follow in the AFL? Swans
Favourite player/ sports person growing up: Kelly Slater
Pre-match routine: lay on the ground and look at the sky!
What’s your goal this season? sipping a lemonade after a convincing grand final win.
Greatest footy moment: Running out on the SCG with some swans legends to take on brissy.
Words of advice: Go hard and fair or go home



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