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Cowburn takes out the D Train Appreciation Cup

Saturday nights celebrations continued at the clubrooms with the D Train appreciation night. The night was a surprise party for Joel Deacon, aka D Train, where everyone could show how grateful they are for his endless efforts for the club.

Joel is involved with just about everyone in some way or form and the club couldn’t run without him.  He took on the role as the clubs senior vice president this year and has been a important part in sustaining and developing the club this season. We all know it take a lot of behind the scene phone calls, meetings and a monster paper trail to follow to accomplish the role, however Joel continues to give to the club. He still finds the time to put on the boots and have a run in the ruck for the men and when he’s not doing that he’s assistance coach for the women. His efforts are huge and everyone is grateful and there is no better way to say thank you than to all get together at the clubrooms.

Many turned out for the fancy dressed surprise party, dressed in one of your favourite D Train out fits. On the night D Train had the hard task of singling out a winner and Daine Cowburn took out the inaugural appreciation cup, when he covered 4 out of the 5 D Train dress elements, ugg boots, tights, footy jersey and an awful beanie. Just missing the fifth element, the nanna cardigan.

Again Joel, on behalf of the club thank you very much for everything you do.

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