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A notable absence for the Roosters

FRONT AND CENTRE: Cameron Saunders pictured in his final game for the Maitland under-17 side on permit from Singleton.


There will be a notable absence from Singleton’s line-up in this finals series.

While the Singleton Roosters look to welcome back names such as reigning Davey medal winner Andrew Scott and Sam Brasington they will be without Cameron Saunders.

The 17-year-old, who has played 13 senior games since 2019, was hospitalised last Friday night following a motorcycle accident in Muswellbrook.

FLASHBACK: Andrew Scott presenting Cameron Saunders with his first senior jumper for the Singleton Roosters in 2019.

“All the toes on my right foot have been amputated and my foot hasn’t stabilised yet,” Saunders explained.

“I’ve had four surgeries but still need a few more before I can get a skin graft and it will be a very long and slow recovery.

ALL SMILES: Singleton Rooster Cameron Saunders pictured with the thumbs up from his hospital bed at the John Hunter Hospital.

“At this stage, I won’t know the full extent of the injuries yet.

“I also have a fractured elbow and nerve damage to my elbow which hasn’t really bothered me too much as most of the pain has been in my foot.”

When asked for some motivating words for his teammates (including twin brother Darcy) against Newcastle City this Saturday, the goal sneak had one simple instruction.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Cameron Saunders finished with eight goals in Maitland’s annihilation against Cardiff last week.

“We just need to play tough footy and then City won’t be able to match us,” he advised.


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