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Boyce prepares for milestone match

This Saturday afternoon the Roosterettes will welcome a sixth member to its 50-game club.

Premiership winning midfielder Zara Boyce has played a vital role for her side on and off the field since making her debut in the side’s second season.

Playing coach Nadene McBride admits the milestone makes for a very special occasion this Saturday afternoon when the Roosterettes travel to the Entrance Bateau Bay.

“Z has been with our team since 2017 when I talked her into joining after a day of drinking at Jazz in the Vines and in her first year she won the Most Improved Player Award,” McBride admitted.

“For the last three years she has been a manager/player for the Roosterettes and her dedication to our team is second to none.

“We love her for all she does for us and I am very lucky to have Z by my side to help navigate our ship.”

The last time the Roosterettes played at The Entrance Bateau Bay the side made history by claiming a 13-point grand final win over Lake Macquarie.

Both Boyce and McBride were pivotal in securing the side’s first premiership that memorable afternoon.

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