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Sarah continues to inspire

Sarah Dunn is currently riding in her fourth 1000Ks 4 Kids ride to raise funds for Camp Quality.

This month our very own Sarah Dunn will be participating in her fourth 1000km 4 Kids cycling challenge to raise funds for Camp Quality.

However there’s a twist this year.

Unlike her previous rides in 2015, 2017 and 2019, she and her fellow riders will be clocking up their kms separately due to the current covid-lockdown.

This year’s riders will be clocking up the kms separately. They have still managed to share their highlights.

“Those that will know we got involved with Camp Quality in 2012 and (my husband) Dean was originally riding that year and on September 10 while he was out riding that year we lost (our son) Harry here in a crash in Singleton,” Dunn explained.

“The support that we got from Camp Quality whilst all of that was happening was unbelievable.”

When Dunn first stepped up to do the challenge, she and her fellow riders travelled from the Queensland border through ten different towns on backroads.

INSPIRATION: When people ask “why?”, Sarah Dunn responds “Why not”.

Then in 2017 she commenced her journey from Benalla, Victoria before returning to the region.

The groups would stay in country pubs each year while raising awareness for Camp Quality.

“I would describe the first rides as moving bike tours with the best bunch of people you’ll meet in your life because everyone is like-minded,” she revealed.

“It’s about having fun because, through what we have been through, it’s a children’s charity so that resonates to give back and honour Harry that way.

Sarah pictured on ‘Harry’s Day’.

“But their motto is ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and that is exactly what we do on the rides.

“We have a lot of fun and I think now more than ever (particularly these last couple of years) its critical to have a laugh and inject some joy and happiness into people’s lives.

“The kids that are battling cancer themselves, they don’t get a break ever.

“Even through this pandemic its critical to still support these charities because their work doesn’t stop, they have had to still support these charities in whatever capacity they can do it.”

This year, she has taken on the challenge within the Singleton region each day while continuing to balance her work and motherly duties at home.

All comradery with fellow riders is put on hold each day until the group’s nightly zoom meeting.

Yet one tradition hasn’t changed.

“The 10th of September has been turned into Harry’s Day where you can eat as many pies and cakes as you want,” she concluded.

“That was his favourite food.

“That gives me some comfort and joy to celebrate his life; he’s always around.”

Would you like to assist Sarah’s campaign this month?

Please visit her Camp Quality page – Click Here

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