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Chandler continues to train with the Swans

Singleton’s Blayne Chandler pictured at the Mooney Mooney rest stop. The teenager travels to Moore Park to train with the QBE Sydney Swans Academy twice per week.

There is a special feeling when Blayne Chandler runs out in his QBE Sydney Swans Academy attire.

For the 15-year-old, each Swans Academy training session is a firsthand look at what is required to prepare games at a professional level.

The sessions are overseen by former GWS Giants coaches Leon Cameron and Mark McVeigh while Dean Kelly will mentor the under-16 group.

A total of 380 boys (and 300 girls) are members of the Academy in 2023.

He has since thanked Pitt Express for their ongoing support.

Other Singleton juniors in the Academy include Owen Trickey, Molly Thomas and sisters Alex, Macey and Quinn Neyland.

Published on 10/02/2023

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