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Roosters coach to implement Operation Bulga against Muswellbrook

Relatives Jason, Seth and Ethan Kolatchew, Vahid Roser, Jackson Kolatchew and Mark Roser ahead of Singleton’s trial match against the Muswellbrook Cats.

Singleton Roosters coach Tim Hare has declared his intentions on the eve of the club’s annual Nathan Duncan Shield trial match against Muswellbrook.

The match, which follows the inaugural AFL Bush to Beach Women’s Gala Day, will feature six relatives from the Roser/Kolatchew family.

“If all goes to plan, we may take off the magnets in the forward line and just write ‘BULGA’ for one quarter,” Hare told his group on Thursday evening.

Seth Kolatchew, 17, pictured at training. He is the youngest of the Bulga sextet.

Former first grade coach Mark Roser will be the eldest of the sextet.

He first played senior footy in 1986 and has enjoyed a coveted career with Lismore, Wallsend, Burnie Tigers and the Burnie Hawks before the return of Singleton’s senior side in 2006.

The 55-year-old has also been able to play many games with his son Vahid.

Mark Roser, 55, pictured during his 40th pre-season.

Vahid, a former UNSW Bulldog, will now have an opportunity to line-up with his cousins Jackson, Ethan and Seth Kolatchew while their father Jason is expected to slot a late goal in the dying stages of the match.

We caught up with them on the eve of the match:

When did you commence your senior footy career?

Mark Roser (age 55): 1986.

Jason Kolatchew (age 50): 2009.

Vahid Roser (age 27): 2011.

Jackson Kolatchew (age 24): 2015.

Ethan Kolatchew (age 21): 2017.

Seth Kolatchew (age 17): 2023.

What position will you play this weekend?

Mark Roser: Bench.

Jason Kolatchew: Somewhere forward.

Vahid Roser: Backline.

Jackson Kolatchew: Forward.

Ethan Kolatchew: Midfield.

Seth Kolatchew: Anywhere and everywhere.

Which AFL team do you support?

Mark Roser: Sydney Swans.

Jason Kolatchew: Hawthorn Hawks.

Vahid Roser: Sydney Swans.

Jackson Kolatchew: Sydney Swans.

Ethan Kolatchew: Hawthorn Hawks.

Seth Kolatchew: Sydney Swans

Which AFL player (past or present) do you model your game off?

Mark Roser: Johnny Platten (Hawthorn).

Jason Kolatchew: No one.

Vahid Roser: Anyone who was still game enough to do a double fist punch (spoil).

Jackson Kolatchew: Josh Kennedy (Sydney Swans).

Ethan Kolatchew: No one.

Seth Kolatchew: No one.

Who is the relative most likely to kick the first goal?

Mark Roser: Jason Kolatchew.

Jason Kolatchew: Jackson Kolatchew.

Vahid Roser: Jackson Kolatchew.

Jackson Kolatchew: Seth Kolatchew.

Ethan Kolatchew: Seth Kolatchew.

Seth Kolatchew: Me.

Who is the relative most likely to take the mark of the day?

Mark Roser: Jackson Kolatchew.

Jason Kolatchew: Jackson Kolatchew.

Vahid Roser: Seth Kolatchew.

Jackson Kolatchew: Jason Kolatchew.

Ethan Kolatchew: Vahid Roser.

Seth Kolatchew: Me.

Who is the relative most likely to give away a 50m penalty (and why)?

Mark Roser: Vahid Roser (unduly rough play).

Jason Kolatchew: Me.

Vahid Roser: Mark Roser. He’s past his prime, rules are different from the 80s.

Jackson Kolatchew: Mark Roser (enough said).

Ethan Kolatchew: Mark Roser.

Seth Kolatchew: Mark Roser.

Who is the relative you’d rely the most on to kick a goal after the siren?

Mark Roser: Jackson Kolatchew.

Jason Kolatchew: Jackson Kolatchew.

Vahid Roser: Ethan Kolatchew.

Jackson Kolatchew: Vahid Roser.

Ethan Kolatchew: Jackson Kolatchew.

Seth Kolatchew: Me.

What does this Saturday’s match mean to you personally?

Mark Roser: Heaps. Playing footy with my relo’s (next generation). The Bulga connection. My last game of senior footy. Done!

Jason Kolatchew: Pretty special day to be able to play footy with my three sons. Having Mark and Vahid makes it an extra special family affair.

Vahid Roser: Roser played with me in my first senior game (and for many years). It’ll be special to play his last with me but with the whole family for the first time.

Jackson Kolatchew: First game with all six of us boys.

Ethan Kolatchew: First game with all four Kolatchew boys plus two Rosers.

Seth Kolatchew: My first game of seniors and first game back in half a season after injury.

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